Ministry Teams

Ministry Team Chairs

The following Faith members will serve in 2017-2018 as ministry team chairs beginning May 1, 2017.

Sara Richards, Children and Family Ministry
, Youth and Family Ministry
Dee Paddock Worship, Music and the Arts
Aaron Witt, Communications
, Emmaus Adult Ministry,

Brian Turner, Companion Congregation Ministry

Faith Lutheran Church uses ministry teams to help guide the various ministry programs. For example, there are ministry teams for Youth and Family, Children and Family, Worship and Music, and so on. There is no limit to the number of ministry teams that can formed.

Generally, ministry teams do the following:

  1. Advise the director or staff person responsible for the specific ministry area about programs.
  2. Provide expertise as volunteers in areas such as hospitality, finance, communications and the like.
  3. Assist the director or staff member in monitoring program outcomes, budget, and other items.
  4. May become as involved as desired in providing "hands on" assistance for the specific ministry.
  5. Generally and regularly review the programs, assist in future planning, assist in budget preparation, and other tasks the team might want to undertake.

In instances where there is no staff person assigned, or no director in place, the ministry team chair coordinates with the Senior Pastor and other staff to supervise the ministry. In such cases, the team chair may become as involved as s/he wants to be, or may delegate and parcel much of the activities to others on the team. 

The Congregation Council provides oversight to the ministry teams.