Becoming a Member

In Holy Baptism our Lord Jesus Christ received you and made you members of his Church.  In the community of God's people, you have learned from his Word God's loving purpose for you and for all creation.  You have been nourished at his holy table and called to be witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Rite of the Affirmation of Baptism, Lutheran Book of Worship

How to Join Faith Lutheran Church

As a worshipping guest, it is our joy to be blessed by the gift of your presence among us. All major life decisions require time to explore our hearts and discern our decisions. Joining a church is about finding the right people, place and purpose to live out spiritual journey in community. 

If you are on a search, just curious, or have felt God's call to become a member of Faith, we invite you to the New Members class. Our goal is to assist you in exploring membership by more deeply knowing our mission, leaders, teachings and practices so that you may, in God's grace, discover the people, place and purpose God has for you in worshipping and serving Christ with others.

If you feel moved to join the church or inquire about our mission, we would invite you to attend the 3-hour New Members class. Contact the office if you questions, requests or would like to inquire about class dates at 225-8334.

What if I(or my family) haven't been baptized?

Please know that Baptism and the promises given in Baptism are meant for you.  In Baptism we bury the "Old Adam" in a life of daily contrition and repentance.  God has declared that the "old" must be buried with Christ in order to give life to the "new".  (Romans 6:4)

Baptisms at Faith Lutheran are public events where we celebrate and promise to support new life in Christ as a congregation.  We typically schedule Baptisms at all times of the year during our worship times.  We also provide education about these promises of Baptism, the commitments we make to our children and adults that are presented for Holy Baptism and what this Baptism means for you.

We encourage you to contact the church office to find out about Baptism classes and opportunities to speak with our pastors about Baptism and what it means to be Lutheran.