Dobson Opus 61 (1993)

Dobson OrganFaith's Dobson Organ is the centerpiece of the worship sanctuary.  A pipe organ was planned during the construction of Faith's current building in 1988 and a five year fundraising campaign secured the ability to contract the Lynn Dobson Organ Builder to construct their "Opus 61" for Faith Lutheran.

The Celebration of Faith's Dobson Pipe Organ

The 15th Anniversary of the Dobson Pipe Organ Celebration was held on May 18, 2008. This was a great way to honor our beautiful organ. Channel 8 News interviewed Bev Duffy and our special guest 15-year old Samual Gaskin.




"Dobbie" is the name of the nightinggale that 'sings' from the organ case for the Children's messages during our worship services.  "Dobbie" is named for Lynn Dobson, founder of Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd. who hand painted the puppet as a special feature of an organ meant for the all-ages audience of Faith Lutheran Church.



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