redwood tree 1638390 1280Green Christmas

This narrow month of winter when most we huddle close, let trees stand in our center, boughs broaden our house.
Let forests arise from floors, stems commingle with men: walls shall go out of doors as verdant woods come in.
How rims of ceiling unfurl reaching a range unused. Branches largen the hall. Dimensions are disenclosed.
Proper the dwellings wherever are sheltered the far-fetched plants, the tracts brought in under cover: green be this residence.

Nina Farber in A Birth In The Family Nativity Poems

Manger Memento
Here's a silken straw, one of a hundredfold that once in winter lay under a dreaming child and let him rest softer than usual hay allows the farmer's beast roughly to lie.
He slept unruffled, he woke in light. Here's a reminder. Remember it.
Nina Farber in A Birth In The Family Nativity Poems
How fine the sweetness from the bough, Evergreen, ever living, like the prayer offered now for a whole world's forgiving; while the Christ Child is sleeping, world of woe in his keeping, world of joy in his dream. Lord, redeem us! That when thou art waking, the hearts we uplift shall be thy Christmas gift and be well worth thy taking.

How bright the radiance of the tree, Evergreen, everlasting, like the feast day to be after long years of fasting. Bright in hope Christmas morning to the Christ Child returning, once again we believe. Lord, receive us! When we come before thee, the heart's joy we bring Noel! Shall sing and forever adore thee.
Robert Hillye

Well, here we are again another Advent and Christmas season. It seems to come faster and faster each year. Here we are again, breathless, never enough time to decorate, never enough time to get all the shopping done never enough time to prepare, rush rush and more rushing! For a moment let us consider the magnificent Evergreen tree, mighty, majestic, strong, protective, ever moving and ever refreshing. It seems to me that we might learn something from this beauty of nature. Could we think of our community of Faith as an Evergreen? Could we think about the church being strong and steady as the roots of the Evergreen? Could we think about the church being a protective and warm place as the boughs of the Evergreen protect the floor of the earth? Could we think about the church as a community of individual nettles nourishing each of us and giving life for what's to come? Could we think about our community as being able to withstand the wind as the Evergreen does through its deep and strong root system? Could we think that our community, like the Evergreen is "ever living and everlasting"? We are so blest here at Faith. We have wonderful and intentional ministries. We experience meaningful worship experiences; all of these ministries give us opportunities to be together. I would suggest that we don't need to rush friends. Let us take our cue from the beautiful Evergreen - ever growing slow and steady. Trees grow toward the light and Christ came in light! Let us journey towards the light together.
Dave Johnson