Right Praise

1.outof.10Sometimes it’s so right, it’s wrong.

Luke 17:11-19


So when you hear the word “Orthodox,” what comes to mind?

Preserving ancient traditions?
Following the letter of the law?
Taking the scriptures literally?
Doing the things the same way, without change, generation after generation?
Long beards, long dresses, long lists of do’s and don’ts?
Being right?

Orthodox literally means right glory.
That is, correct praise.

And in this week’s passage from the gospel of Luke, 10 persons were healed from leprosy. However, Jesus lifts up only one as an example of right glory, correct praise, orthodoxy.

The other 9 were doing exactly what the law, the scriptures required of them.
They were following the tradition of generations.
Without question, they were doing what they heard Jesus command.

And yet, doing the “right” thing sent the 9 running in the opposite direction—away from Jesus.

Only one comes running back.

The foreigner.
The Samaritan.
The one who did not even bother going to the priests, because he would never be judged clean.
The outcast who would never be welcomed back, no matter what he did.
The man who realized there was nothing else he could do, but turn to Jesus.

So, the next time you are certain that you know the orthodox thing to do, the correct way to praise, the right way to give glory to God…maybe instead, you should turn back to Jesus.

Pastor Sarah Trone Garriott