Time is Our Treasure

Autumn trees small
Friday, September 23, 2016

Is October really one week away? We are now officially two weeks into programming and already the time is flying! Time can be such a different concept to children and adults. Our children may feel like they have endless time, and moments that seem to fly by to adults seem like hours to our kids. Many of us have sat through worship with the questions from our kids, "how much longer, do we have to sing another song?"

As adults we feel like we are constantly running out of time. I didn't have enough time to put the dishes in the dishwasher, make that phone call, or answer an email. When many of us think of riches, we forget that our time is one of our greatest. It's quicker to write a check or give something of monetary value, but it's becoming harder and harder to give our time. In the chaos that has become life, it is becoming more difficult to make time for some of the most important things.

This fall we feel so much energy and excitement from our children. Wednesday Faith Nights we have over 80 children attending choir and bell chimes and over 100 joining us for Sunday School! The time we have with these children within our walls is precious. When they are here we are not counting down how much time is left, we are relishing in the moments we get to have. It is amazing to see friendships grow, to hear a child ask a difficult question about the Bible, or watch a child bow their head in prayer.

It's not hard to give time to our children here at Faith. Teachers, shepherds, special event coordinators are integral parts of what we do here for our kids. If you can't give your time in that way, a compliment on a drawing, a high-five, or simply telling a child how happy you are to see them goes a long way. Take the time, we promise, you'll be glad you did.

Erika Weber and Andrea Stone
Co-Directors of Children and Family Ministry