At Early Dawn

snowy branch smallFriday, March 25, 2016

Luke 24:1-12

There are those in my life who help me remember. I don’t mean remembering as in dwelling on the past or as nostalgia. It’s the kind of remembering that holds in front of me experiences and words that help me see the present moments better. Without the prompt of “do you remember…” sometimes I might just lose sight of something that holds great importance toward the future.

What we do as a community of faith on so many levels is this helpful prompting toward remembrance. I walk through these days of Holy Week aware of the ways we call to mind what we don’t want to forget. We proclaim the mystery of the faith: Christ has died, Christ is risen and Christ will come again. Such things are not merely interesting facts to store away but a promise to live by.

The tomb is found to be empty. And two men in dazzling clothes bring the news of resurrection to the women who are present. The women are perplexed and terrified. The reaction is, well, understandable.   With such unexpected and unusual news it’s no wonder there’s fear. The news changes everything about their future. And it will immediately redefine the very next things. It will give a whole new meaning to hope.

“Remember how he told you” are the needed words here at the end of Luke’s story. As the women remembered what Jesus said in Galilee they found the nerve to tell the others what they had heard and seen. The others at first could only hear the story as an “idle tale.” But something happens in the telling. The news of the risen Jesus becomes their good news.

It is in the remembering and the telling and the celebrating that love finds its way once again into the heart of our fears, and doubts. We are raised up to faith and we can see with clarity of grace and courage!  

Pastor Randy

Come, celebrate; your banners high unfurling,
your songs and prayers against the darkness hurling,
To all the world go out and tell the story of Jesus’ glory.
-        Rise, Shine, You People! ELW 665