Did You See That?

camerasMark 12:38-44

There were a lot of people in town for Passover celebration.
And everyone who was anyone was at the Temple.

Standing out in the crowd were the religious elite, swishing around in their long robes and saying long prayers. If there had been paparazzi in this day, the papers would have been full of photos of these important men making their entrance at the biggest parties of the season.

Heads turned as the wealthy opened their substantial purses and heaved their heavy contents into the treasury receptacle, raining down in a metallic cacophony. There were no giant novelty checks at the time, so cold hard cash had to do.

There would have also been a lot of nobodies in the crowd.
Nothing particularly notable about them.
Not a thing that made them stand out.
No one would even know they had been there.

Despite all the noise and distraction, it was the nobodiest of nobodies that Jesus notices. And this poor widow is the one that he asks his disciples to take notice, as well.

Jesus calls his followers to notice the ones that the world does not care about.
He’s been doing it throughout the entire gospel of Mark.

When the disciples are on their way to see Jesus heal the child of a righteous Jewish man—
Jesus lets a defiled woman take his attention.

As the disciples are arguing over who is the greatest—
Jesus turns their attention to a child, the person of the lowest status in the household.

While the disciples jockey for the best seat—
Jesus gives God’s blessing to a blind man sitting on the side of the road.

While everyone else is fawning over the rich, the elite, the important, the powerful…
When the rest of the world is doing their best to turn away from weakness, from poverty, from suffering…

Jesus says to his followers:
See her. See her poverty. See her two little copper coins.

See her. And care.

Pastor Sarah