What is Your Motivation

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Mark 10:17-31

In Colin Durant’s book Choral Conducting philosophy and practice there is a chapter that asks the question- Why do people sing with other people, the answer might seem obvious as this is a book on choral conducting – to sing in a choir. However, Durant goes on to list varying motivations that bring people together to sing in a choir. While I don’t have the space to list all of the motivations, there are two main themes that come to the forefront. First: To be in a community working together to create a beautiful product and Two: To belong to a community.

In this Sunday’s gospel reading Jesus promises his disciples a new community of brothers and sisters, mothers and children in exchange for the sacrifices they had made to follow him. It seems to me that we here at Faith are in the process of creating a new community. We have just completed a successful capital campaign. We are making new decisions in the many and varying ministries to ensure a sense of community and belonging. So, as we move forward together in community let us keep our eye on the prize- a beautiful product called the community of Faith Lutheran Church. Or put another way, an active, diverse and Christ centered congregation of faith in community with each other. What is your motivation? Are you going to act on that motivation? I hope you do!

God Bless You All,