Getting to Know You


Friday, September 11, 2015

Mark 8:27-38

I’ve been walking my son to school every morning. For the sake of all the “have to’s” in my day, it would make more sense to choose the fastest way. Sometimes he complains, “but it takes soooo long, why can’t we ride in the car?”

But I am committed to walking. And to his complaints (and to the pressures of my day) I respond, “This way we get to spend time together…and talk…and notice things, like those spiders that build their webs in the grass…”

And we get to know each other.

I’m glad to choose 15 minutes of holding hands and pointing out dew on the grass and his little boy foot-dragging-dancing-stumbling steps. A minute of complaint gives way to chatting about his friend on the playground and wondering out loud about the things we see.

In the rain and the snow and the cold that is sure to come, I hope to continue to choose the slow, inconvenient way—because knowing him will continue to take time. Every day there will be something new to learn about him.

And in the walking, we have our opportunity.

In our Gospel lesson this week, it is painfully obvious that Peter has a lot more to learn about Jesus. Who he is. What he means. What he must do.

What he knows so far is from the slow plodding steps they’ve taken together around Galilee. But Peter’s journey with Jesus is far from over. He can’t stop now.

In the harsh words, “Get behind me, Satan!” Jesus is also extending an invitation.

Keep following. Keep walking.
There is so much more for you to know.

Pastor Sarah