Send Forth Your Spirit

Trees webFriday, May 22, 2015

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b

Pentecost Sunday marks the fiftieth day of Easter. The day celebrates the Spirit of the risen Christ in the church – a spirit of service, a spirit of love, a spirit of hope.

The texts speak of the height and depth of the Spirit’s movement. The Spirit that renews the face of the earth is the same Spirit that intercedes with sighs too deep for words. For us in today’s church, we welcome the wonder and mystery of the gift of the Holy Spirit; it stirs within us new visions for living into our faith!

We have named collaboration as an integral part of our congregational vision. After some months of working with it, I continue to grow in my excitement about it. I think it’s fitting and timely. It recognizes that there is more capacity to our ministry when we move beyond our programmatic silos. In other words we seek to find creative ways of being the church together. As we live into the vision we are quickly learning that this can be quiet challenging.

Moving ahead takes imagination, commitment, a willingness to try new things and mutuality. Moving ahead takes patience and a good amount of energy too.

Realizing our limitations in all of this is very healthy. It allows us to look beyond ourselves and to continuously make room for the work of the Spirit among us. The notion of a more fully integrated approach to being the church today is our response to the Holy Spirit that is still moving, creating and renewing. When I am part of a true collaborative effort it feels that I am experiencing the church living into the vibrancy of its identity and purpose.

O Holy Spirit, root of life, creator, cleanser of all things:
anoint our wounds, awaken us with lustrous movement of your wings. –
ELW 399

Pastor Randy