Stay Weird web

Friday, May 15, 2015

John 17:6-19

One of my least favorite things in the world is to be alone in a crowd of people who all seem to know each other.

That intense awareness of not belonging makes it really hard to remain. There is an overwhelming desire to flee from that awkward, out of place feeling. Not fitting in, feeling strange, being weird...many of us do everything we can to avoid these moments, those places, the crowds where we don’t feel like we belong.

Maybe it’s making you uncomfortable right now, just to think about it.

But what if we could overcome that fear? What then might be possible?

What experiences?
What relationships?
What learning?
What new life?
What Joy?

Traveling in foreign country. Navigating the first days on the job. Walking down the halls of a different school. Relocating your family. Visiting a church. Starting anything new. If you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone (or been pushed) you know the potential gifts that await…if you can just make it through the discomfort.

In his final moments at the table of the last supper Jesus prays for his disciples. He knows life for them has not and will not be easy because “they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world.”

Jesus does not ask for the disciples to be taken out of the world.
Instead, he asks that they may be “sanctified in the truth.”

Be made holy
Set apart for God’s purposes

Jesus is basically asking: Father, may they stay weird.

May the disciples always be made different by God’s word and transformed by the truth.

May they continue in Jesus’ weird ways of welcoming strangers, loving the unlovable, speaking truth to power, giving away and giving up everything for the benefit of others.

May they never fit in, revealing to all a different way of being in the world.

And in this, may the joy Jesus has known, be made complete in them.

Pastor Sarah