Planting Seeds small

Friday, April 17, 2015

John 3:1-7

Planting seeds is an act of faith.

There is a long wait from the fall to the spring, before the green tips of those tulip bulbs begin to show.
It seems like those vegetable seeds might have been all eaten by the birds, and then suddenly, you have more tomato plants than you know what to do with.
Maybe those flower seeds never amounted to anything. But with a change in the soil, sun, or preparation next time may be different.

We don’t know if or when some little kernel will take root and bear fruit.

Every planting is an act of trust.
Every attempt is living in hope.
Every failure is an opportunity to try again in maybe a little different way.

As we celebrate the graduation of our community’s high school seniors, they will share about the seeds that this congregation has sown in their faith lives. While some have already sprouted, many more will emerge in the years to come. As we surround our high school seniors with blessing, we are reminded: every one of us has the opportunity to make a difference in the life of another. Every day is another opportunity. We all have something to offer. The impact can be greater than we might realize or will ever know.

So as we look around, thinking about where we can scatter seeds of the gospel, let us remember:

The seeds of faith may spring up quickly or take many seasons to germinate. Even when one’s spiritual life has withered, something hidden may be just about to spring forth. A barren landscape of belief is resting, waiting to receive something new.