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Friday, March 27, 2015 Palm


Philippians 2:8-9



As we prepare for this week of worship in the congregation, it’s hard to find adequate words to describe the very meaning of everything we will do. We have been through Holy Week before and we know that there is significance to our movement, prayers, readings and songs. It is significant that we do this together and across the generations. I am grateful for the patterns established over the ages so what we do in these days create ample space for our human emotions and longings. I am always surprised by what chords in me are touched by the community of faith at worship during Holy Week.


There is largeness to the Gospels when it comes to the passion. In some ways the best we can do is to listen and let the story move once again in our hearts and our minds. There is a prayerful kind of response that finds its way among us that corresponds to a story that powerfully speaks to the great lengths God goes to be present for us. We come to the foot of the cross and see God’s actions of mercy in Jesus that touch the hurts of the world and stir within us a good hope for all things.



Sunday we will enter into worship by a procession with palms. We will read the Processional Gospel from the garden patio. Children and youth will assist us in waving palms, banners and singing praises – all to help us recall Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Drums will set a simple rhythm for our procession which will take us to the entrance of the sanctuary for the blessing of the palms.



The procession will then continue into the sanctuary as we prepare for the reading of the Passion of the Lord according to Mark led by our youth. The congregation will share in the reading both in its hearing and in selected spoken responses. In this way we will be ministered to by the Word and anticipate our opportunities in the days ahead to contemplate the way of the cross and the light of the resurrection.


He came from his blest throne salvation to bestow;
the world that was his own would not its Savior know.
But, oh, my friend, my friend indeed,
who at my need his life did spend!    -ELW 343



Pastor Randy