Can You Hear It?

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Friday, February 6, 2015


Christ's message of love and grace can come to us in many different mediums. In today's world we have instant access to information through cell phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter accounts, short messages that have only one goal, "getting short messages out quickly." Christ's message is a long-term, daily encounter in which we have the opportunity to delight in His word and live through and by Christ's grace. This weekend you will have the opportunity to listen and hear how a group of kids figure out how to fix this problem of instant access and short messages. Over 100 children, a live band, great storytelling, dancing, some laughs and some deeply felt dialogue will present VOICEMESSAGE! the musical. Hours of practice, patient directions from Miss Fran and Miss Erika will give you, the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church, the opportunity to learn how to get the word of Christ's love out. So here's the story that you don't want to miss.

MacKenzie is a new believer, and very excited to tell others about Jesus... but her sister, Max, is so distracted by her obsession with spies, high-tech gadgets and multi-media, she won't listen to a word MacKenzie says. How will God's message of love be heard? This is a job for "SAV'M" (Secret Alliance of Voice Messengers), a group of kids with a passion for reaching people with the Gospel! Using every idea they can think of, including high-tech gadgets, movies and media, even slimy green amphibians, they try to get the message through to Max, and to a world in desperate need of a Savior. Will they be able to get the message through? With a little prayer and divine intervention, anything is possible!

Do you really want to miss the opportunity this weekend? Remember, Christ's message comes in many different ways - Can You Hear It!?!


Dave Johnson