Unwavering Regard

DSC 2018 webJanuary 9, 2015

Mark 1:4-11

The waters flow. They cascade and dance. They refresh and soothe. The waters break into the open for all to see. They cannot be contained. The psalmist captured such wonder “The voice of the Lord is upon the waters.”

We bring the very wonder of creation inside to be joined with the living promise of Christ among us full of light and mercy. At Faith, the baptismal font constantly flows with water and stands at the entrance of all that we do in the life of the church. So we are always being reminded of our identity as God’s beloved sons and daughters.

The baptism of Jesus marked the beginning of his ministry - the entrance into his mission. The event was never far from him. Along with the Spirit and the declaration from heaven as God’s Beloved Son, came a refreshingly clear identity and purpose that held him all his days. Even when Jesus may have been tempted to forget to whom he belonged and for what he was called, his baptismal promises sustained and enlivened him.

So many of the elements in the story of Jesus’ baptism are good reminders of just what a gift baptism remains for us. God moves toward us, the Spirit is present and we are met with nothing less than acceptance and unwavering regard. Strength and clarity of vision flow forward in our days by the richness of the promises received and the commitments made.



Living water, never ending,

quench the thirst and flood the soul.

Well Spring, source of life eternal,

drench our dryness, make us whole. – ELW 455



Pastor Randy