An Abundance of Thankfulness


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Friday, November 14, 2014

Matthew 25:14-30

The first thing you noticed when you walked into my parent’s house was a wooden kitchen table. My mother kept a bright colored table cloth on it with an arrangement of flowers or desserts. It was inviting and there was always room for one more. In my memory, the small kitchen was regularly filled with comfort food and the warmth of others. It was rich in relationships and refreshing in its simplicity.


Such abundance was hard to measure but its corresponding gratitude said a lot!


The talents in the parable were in great abundance. They were a pure and simple gift – no question. Two servants recognized the generosity by which they were given and therefore responded with imagination. They were free to make more of the gift. On the other hand another servant misconstrued the character of his master and the gift turned into his possession to guard. In contrast to the others he became constrained by fear, held on too tightly to the gift, and missed the opportunities the gift provided.


Our gatherings in November provide the needed language of the faith that shapes our perceptions, understanding and responses. Generosity, gratitude, thankfulness, praise, wonder, harvest time, blessing, fruit of creation, daily bread, treasure, feeding, open hands, sharing… such words matter. They expand our awareness of life lived in the Spirit. Listen to the hymns and anthems in worship this month. Listen to the stories around the table. Listen to the seasons of life. Listen to the gospel – the Word of life!


It all points to the abundance of God’s love for the world. And they invite us into a rich participation of relationships in the life of the church. If we let them, our shared life, our ministry and mission can be filled with imagination and courage toward the future. What we offer makes a difference!


Generosity is transforming.


Pastor Randy