Blessed is the One Who Comes in the Name of the Lord!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Palm Sunday invites us into a procession of faith, into a week of worship and to the center of our witness. With palms in hand we recall the drama of the one who entered into our suffering world with undying love. The movement of the morning is led by a processional cross as we accompany one another into the mystery of the passion story – the very presence of God among us who bears our burdens and leads us through to the newness of life.

Processions happen in many and varied ways.

On one Palm Sunday, a congregation I served met with a neighboring congregation in an open field, blessing the palms and then walking a path through our community. It was a simple action bringing our witness of worship outside the walls of our sanctuary. I remember a Palm Sunday in Ohio. Our new congregation processed by cars across the country side from the high school cafeteria where we had worshipped for 8 years to our first service in our new church building. It brought us into a place of gratitude and a fresh awareness of how steadfast God’s love is for all of creation.

Much of what we do in the life of faith is procession like.

The light and hope of the crucified and risen Christ draws us into a movement of gathering, acclamation and sending every week. We proclaim that at the foot of the cross we know we are not alone and that darkness gives way to light! Processions are a sign of hope, a renewal of compassion in us for the world that God so greatly loves!