Faith in the Unseen

wind fieldFriday, May 23, 2014

We are people of the world, and we experience the world through our physical senses. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in things we can’t see. But this week, in John 14:15-21, we hear Jesus promise his disciples and us that, while we can’t see the Spirit, we can know the Spirit because he walks alongside us and is with us. Click here to listen Tania's blog.

Tania Schramm, Director of Children and Family Ministry

Belief: A Greek Lesson

bible-versesFriday, May 16, 2014

If we look at and listen closely to our upcoming Gospel John 14:1-14 we'll learn a lot about what it means to believe in Jesus.  In fact, the Gospel of John is trying to tell us something really important, something that we might miss if we only hear it in English.  We are not just meant to "believe" in Jesus, we are meant to "believe into" him. The difference is significant. Click here to listen to Pastor Sarah's blog.

Pastor Sarah

Day of Arising, Christ on the Roadway

DSC 0318 2 web

Friday, May 2

Luke 24:13-35

The disciples who walked the seven miles to Emmaus were very familiar with the pace and rhythm of walking from one place to another. Walking was a way of life. And as we know, walking takes time, physical effort and puts our mind on things we otherwise might miss. Sometimes on the way we come to better observations and understandings.

Saint Augustine’s words seem fitting here: “It is solved by walking.” When we walk with others we create space for helpful discussions and a feeling of accompaniment toward our destination.

Much happened on that road to Emmaus. The disciples would soon learn who was walking alongside of them. The walk gave time for needed instruction, to hear the scriptures and at the end of the day time for table fellowship. From the walking, discussing, teaching, and eating their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus. They recognized their living Lord who came alongside of them, walked with them and met them in their sadness and deep disappointment.

The road to Emmaus reminds us of all we do together on our journeys that help us recognize the promise of resurrection. The walk of faith includes the compassionate presence of others when we are slowed by our disappointments. The road is one of accompaniment that points to the horizon of light and hope!

Day of arising, Christ on the roadway,
unknown companion walks with his own.
When they invite him, as fades the first day,
and bread is broken, Christ is made known.
                                                           – Susan Palo Cherwien, ELW 374

We all have been on those walks when our vision gets a little more focused- our sights and concerns are broadened. We know the liveliness of a new step. The simplicity of walking points us to the rhythms of worship and witness – all together our joy and gladness in the One who walks not only alongside of us but ahead of us as well!

Pastor Randy J Olson