RenewingFaith—Providing Space for Ministry

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 Unfinished music room 1210958 2
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One important goal of the RenewingFaith capital campaign involves completing building projects that were started during the

previous campaign but have not yet been finished.

Specifically, the building portion of the campaign involves completing existing unfinished space to be utilized for programing, improving accessibility for all, and configuring office space to allow for improved staff collaboration. These projects, most of which would be done by a single contractor, include the following:

  1. Finishing out the room on the north end of the upper level of Faith’s newer wing (Kifula Room), for use as the new music room. Our current music room does not meet the spacing requirements for our thriving music ministry, an important component of Faith’s tradition of providing beautiful music to glorify God.
  2. Finishing out the room on the north end of the lower level, creating a multipurpose room similar to other classrooms in the new wing. This currently unfinished and unused space would provide additional room for a number of ministry programs, including classrooms for Sunday school, vacation bible school, preschool, and other uses.
  3. Converting the current music room (west side of commons) into office space for Faith staff. Currently, Faith’s staff offices are spread across upper and lower levels. Moving all staff to the same floor and in close proximity will allow for better communication and collaboration.

  4. Completing a family- and handicap-friendly restroom just north of the church office, which will help Faith live into its promise to welcome people of all ages and abilities.

  5. Completing the unfinished restroom on the lower level. Additional facilities would better accommodate the number of students during Sunday school and preschool.

Faith’s council and pastors have concluded that these building improvements are a priority. The council’s intention is to put these projects to bid in the fall of 2015 and complete the work as soon as RenewingFaith cash flow allows. The current cost estimate for this work is $270,000.