RenewingFaith—Responsibly Caring for Faith’s Space

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A second critical goal of the RenewingFaith capital campaign is to responsibly care for Faith’s future by maintaining its existing

buildings, property, and facilities.

In managing any property, maintenance and repairs need attention before they become risks for further damage. The following deferred maintenance items have been named priority projects by Faith’s council and property committee:

Fixing leaks and making other repairs to the beautiful “lantern” windows above Faith’s sanctuary, and to the windows in the current music room.

Improving drainage in the church courtyard.

Establishing an organ maintenance fund.

Replacing windows in the duplex buildings owned by the church, which currently don’t meet Clive city code.

Repairing the older and damaged (south) part of the parking lot.

Repairing the driveways to the duplexes.

Repairing, tuck pointing, and sealing eroding stone and brick on the church building exterior.

Completing these maintenance projects will help to ensure the beauty and durability of Faith’s physical space. The projects will be scheduled as soon as feasible, depending on the timing of RenewingFaith cash flow and the ideal seasons for each item. Total cost for the maintenance projects are estimated at $420,000.