Bill and Erin Bemis

BillandErinBemisOur daughter Josie is enrolled in the four-year-old program. She had such a wonderful experience last year that there was no doubt she would continue her education at Seeds of Faith. We were so pleased with not just the education she received, but life skills, manners, faith, social skills, and so much more! After such an amazing year, we decided to enroll our two year old twins this year as well. The boys were a young two when the school year started. They had major separation anxiety. We were so impressed with how the teachers and director guided us to help them get acclimated and fall in love with preschool. We were even offered resources to check out to better understand what the boys were going through. After developing a plan for the boys with the teaching team, the boys were not only ready for preschool but excited every day to go! 

We are blessed to have Seeds of Faith as a springboard for our kid's education. 

~Bill and Erin Bemis