Luther College Trumpet Choir

SDMThe first Soli deo Musica concert of the year features the Luther College Trumpet Choir on Monday, October 20, at 7:00 p.m. This ensemble conducted by Dr. John Cord, professor of music at Luther College, has concertized throughout the Midwest. They play a wide range of instrumental music from Baroque to Jazz, to the contemporary. Imagine multitudes of glorious trumpets in an energetic performance. Come enjoy this wonderful event.

Hunger Action Month

There are lots of opportunities this month for you to help feed hungry people in our community and around the world. Notice the food displays in the entryway, church windows, and the Matthew 25 information table in the Commons. We focus on hunger needs in October, but it is also a reminder that hunger should be addressed all year long. Remember to bring food, "noisy coins" or make your check out to Faith and indicate on the memo line where you want your donation to go: DMARC food pantry, ELCA Hunger or Matthew 25 Outreach.

Be sure to watch as the food stacks up in the Commons as we try to collect 2,000 items!

Mothers & Others - Play Date at Center Grove Orchard

Mothersothers webLet’s celebrate fall with a play date at an orchard with friends! Center Grove is located at 32835 –610th Avenue, Cambridge, IA. The orchard is open at 9:00 a.m. and cost is $8.95 per person. So pack a lunch and enjoy the Fall weather with bouncing pillows, hayrack rides, a corn pool, and maze! Waukee schools do not have class on this day, so bring the big kids too! Hope to see you there!

Messiah Hall Art Gallery - Aaron Snethen Exhibition

Exhibition: August 16 – November 15, 2014


Aaron Snethen grew up in Norwalk, Iowa and attended Grand View University. He graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. 

Aaron's interest in the arts began with an Etch-A-Sketch at age 3 and 20 years later transformed into large scale paintings on self-stretched canvases. Aaron Snethen

Relationships fuel Aaron's inspiration in his art. As evident in his paintings, Aaron provokes associations with unique personal characteristics. His work has been motivated by those in his life that he is closest to, and brings them to light in his paintings. He conveys these traits through his use of high contrast and unique color palette, stylistic brush patterns, and large scale compositions. The larger the panting is, the larger of an impact it has in its environment.

Aaron encourages his audience to reflect on their own relationships while viewing his work to create their own personal associations.